Terrible room! Where to start? Open all cabinets and discard expired food after move with It is only about the mark “best before”. If a product says “Best before” it is still good to consume.

Then repeat the same operation with the refrigerator. Throw expired frozen food out of the freezer and pay special attention to meat. It is dangerous to eat beef that has been frozen for more than a year, and poultry or pork that has lain for more than 6 months.

Female janitor cleaning cabinet with rag in kitchen

Has it gotten cleaner? Now you can wash and disinfect the refrigerator. Before spring cleaning, it is advisable to gradually empty the freezer. This will allow you to defrost and clean faster.

Degrease and clean the hood, oven, tiles and cabinets. Dishwashing liquid is usually sufficient. For the oven, it is often necessary to use special tools. Disinfect surfaces with white vinegar before putting everything back into cabinets.