How to fold summer clothes for compact storage

Summer things obviously take up less space than winter ones. Or not? Let’s go over the main things. Summer clothes are definitely smaller than winter clothes, there will be 2-3 dresses for one fur coat in the closet. But you can’t hide such a summer thing as a bicycle in a closet, and you can’t just leave it in the hallway. But if the bike is folding, then things become easier. Thus, the first principle of storage says – everything that can be folded must be folded:

Summer clothes can be folded compactly according to the Marie Kondo method – she teaches you how to fold T-shirts, trousers and long sleeves.
Bicycles and scooters are folded based on the design possibilities.
Summer tourist equipment is folded as compactly as possible: the tent must be carefully folded according to the instructions, awnings, barbecues – all this can be easily folded or disassembled.