How to pack summer clothes for compact storage

After we have everything compactly folded, we need to carefully pack things. Each item has its own packaging. This is important, since the quality of things after storage depends on the packaging. Improper packaging can put things at risk – they get wet, dirty, faded, rusted or damp. To prevent this from happening, you need to choose the right packaging:

It is best to put a bicycle or scooter in a tight cover that will protect against dust and moisture. However, if the bike does not fold, and you plan to store it in the house, then you need to dust it from time to time.
It is most convenient to pack clothes in vacuum bags (they are designed for moving) – this way you can save a lot of space.
Summer shoes should be put in boxes so as not to spoil the shape of the shoes (you should definitely not stack sandals in each other).
It is better to pack summer sports equipment and tourist equipment in shopping boxes, bags, bags.
Summer car tires require separate packaging – these can be special car wheel covers, they let air through (this is a must). Covers will protect from dust, light and mechanical accidental damage. However, we warn you that it is extremely unsafe to store rubber at home, since car tires emit vapors harmful to the human body – it is harmful to be constantly near the tires.