Options for places to store things during repairs or a move

Where to put all that stuff? Don’t panic: there are several options. How good and convenient they are for you personally, you can decide by looking at the pros and cons of each method.

1. Adjoining rooms.
The easiest way is to disassemble the furniture, collect things in boxes and take it all to the next room before moving with http://www.flashmoving.net/local-moving/. Pros: you don’t have to move things anywhere, you have everything at your fingertips if you suddenly need something. Cons: There may not be an adjoining room if you’re renovating a one-bedroom apartment. Plus, if you move all your stuff into one room, it won’t be comfortable to live in. Plus, most likely construction dust will penetrate into the neighboring rooms.

A balcony or loggia.
In order to store something on the balcony, it is desirable to pack it securely to protect the property from rain (if the balcony is not glazed), moisture and sun. Pros of storing things on the balcony: you do not need to transport them, you are not limited by any time limit, it is free. Cons: in winter, things on the balcony can get damp, spoil, deform (wood – damp, metal – exposed to corrosion, fabrics – worn out from improper storage conditions).

3. Neighbors, acquaintances and friends.
If friends are willing to hold things in their apartment – feel free to agree. This method is ideal for things – all your belongings and furniture are safe, warm and completely safe. The disadvantage is that you will not be able to leave your belongings with friends or neighbors for a long time, and if the repair is delayed, you will have to take everything back. In addition, if any of your belongings are suddenly needed, you will have to bother people and make arrangements to take your belongings.