What transport is suitable for transporting a sofa or bed

As soon as you understand what dimensions the sofa or bed has (that is, you are going to transport the furniture disassembled or in one piece), you can order transport. Tell the manager of the company the dimensions of the furniture, and he will select the appropriate truck.

If suddenly you have a lot of beds and sofas (for example, a large family is moving, or transportation is carried out from a private house or cottage with a lot of rooms), then it makes sense to order a special furniture truck.

The nuances of transportation

It is necessary to load and unload the sofa with a team of at least two people, so as not to risk health and not strain your back. You need to take out the sofa, holding it firmly by the base. If this is difficult, then use tight belts.

When there is no freight elevator in the house, you have to lift the sofa up a narrow staircase. You can do this by following the instructions: first, bring one edge onto the span and, without unfolding, lift the bottom through the railing to the next span – keep in mind that this will be difficult, so in this case it is better to entrust the transportation of the sofa to professionals.