Your office is moving. What to expect and how to prepare?

First of all, you should not trust carriers and loaders “from the street”. There is a possibility that they will not come at all, and if they do, they will damage something in the process of work and will not be held responsible for it, and at the end of the work they will “wind up” the cost.

How does a “correct” office move with take place and what should you pay attention to at each stage?

Stage 1. Preparatory
A representative of the company calls the company providing office moving services and tells in detail about all its aspects – the time of the move, the approximate number of things, the availability of elevators, the number of floors, the distance to the new location, etc. If it is difficult to determine the volume and characteristics of the move over the phone, an employee of the company goes to the place for evaluation. There he determines the services that need to be provided, and the tasks that need to be solved as part of the office move. After all the calculations, the specialist will offer an estimate, send a contract and agree on the procedure for paying for the work.

Stage 2. Collective)))
To avoid confusion, employees of the moving company should pack their personal belongings, desktop appliances and documents in a box in advance, seal it with tape and sign the name of the owner and the number of the room to which this property will be delivered.
Life hack: order the delivery of packaging from a moving company 2-3 days before the move. You will avoid fuss and frantic attempts to find the right container for your things.

Stage 3. Dismantling))
Representatives of the moving company arrive at the office at the agreed time and begin to disassemble the furniture. It is packed in film and/or cardboard. Special attention is paid to fittings and fasteners, so as not to confuse and not lose it.

Stage 4. Packing
Movers collect things and office equipment in special boxes, seal and label them (for example, indicate the name of the department or room), pack furniture with stretch film, wrap glass elements with bubble wrap and cardboard. Monitors and other “delicate” office equipment are also carefully packed.

Stage 5. Transportation
Loading into vehicles and subsequent transportation of common property is carried out. The volume and carrying capacity of the machine and their number are determined in advance, taking into account the number of items transported.

Stage 6. Unloading and assembly
Unloading and assembly work is carried out at a new location. Personal belongings and furniture are unpacked, furniture is assembled, items are placed in accordance with the plan, boxes with personal belongings of employees are laid out in new places. In accordance with the contract, related work can be performed (installation of cornices, blinds, etc.).

Stage 7. Final
The specialists of the moving company remove the packaging materials and sign the act. This completes the office move!

Question: what kind of office move can be called professional?

Answer: A move in which all of the above work will be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible, and your company will return to normal operating mode as soon as possible.